Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The "3 Green Acts" Pledge『疼惜大地 力行減碳333』

The "3 Green Acts" Pledge

(1) Heal Mother Earth
(2) Reduce Famine
(3) Relieve Suffering

You can make a pledge for the earth here!
Website: http://greenacts.us.tzuchi.org

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one first step ...
Live a simple and healthy life. Experience the joy of contentment.
Life has a lot to offer but we can choose not to take that much.
Doing so frees up resources for the children of our future.
Although we're just individuals, collectively, we make a big difference.

『疼惜大地 力行減碳333』
(1) 素食 (2) 節能 (3) 儉樸
網站 http://greenacts.us.tzuchi.org/index_ch.htm


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